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Let’s get right down to it. Today is the day you can stop procrastinating and start doing something to make a difference in your marketing.


Add 5 new connections on Facebook or Linked In. Don’t be shy! Go out and get more contacts. The more people your connected to personally, the more you can guarantee some social reach. We all know what reach can be like for Facebook business pages. Start with your personal profile. Grow it. It all branches out from there.  Don’t use Facebook personally or LInkedIn? Your missing opportunity.


Send out an email.  Reach out and share a story about your business to your contacts. Even if your not currently doing a newsletter or have some kind of subscriber list, send an email to your contacts. If you don’t have a subscriber list, sign up at Mailchimp. Emails are for every business.


SIMPLIFY. What are you doing today that doesn’t get you results that could time spent doing something else for your business.

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Make a video.  Grab your phone and make a video. Don’t even worry about where your going to use it yet. Just make one, something for your business- behind the scenes, tell a story, share an idea, show off a product.   Video is what is being consumed. Today is the day you can start getting used the the idea of using video, even if you don’t post it anywhere.


Set aside a marketing budget. I don’t care what that budget is. Set something aside to spend wisely, then sign up for my weekly Kick @$$ motivator newsletter and let’s get started on growing your business