I tell it like it is- not what you want to hear.

The digital marketing space can be overwhelming. It’s hard to construct a plan if you are unsure of your options or what has been proven to work for your industry.

Let me help you with valuable insight and decision making information so you can create strategies that work for your business.

If you are about to embark in an online project, you should understand the options, the type of work involved and what will be the most effective use of your time and dollars.  I strongly believe in educating small business,  entrepreneurs and individuals who want to use various online marketing tools to build a brand, create experiences for their customers and increase conversions.

Consulting services are never based on you hiring me for your project- but rather are designed to give you the tools and knowledge to make better decisions about what your digital marketing strategy can and should encompass.  I can give you insight into various product options, provide you with ideas about branding and help you choose the appropriate  social marketing plan.  I want to help you bring  the best out in current service provider, and answer questions and concerns that you may have regarding the design and delivery process.

A typical one-hour Skype  Digital Marketing consultation with me includes:

  • reviewing your current brand identity
  • reviewing your current website marketing platform
  • understanding your target market
  • an overview of reaching your lead generation goals
  • planning for future growth of your online marketing strategies.

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