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Which came first the brand or the logo?

answer: BRAND.

A good logo design process should start with a discussion of how you want your business to be perceived, and who your target customers are.   If you haven’t thought about your target customers and what kinds of designs they respond to, then go back and do your homework! Don’t start your business from a logo- start your logo from your business.

Design choices should be based on your research and  the values & preferences of your target market, not necessarily on your personal style. Unless of course, they align.

And before you get to invested in a concept, consider it’s usage. 

Consider the space your logo occupies, and how versatile it will be. Social has influenced design:  one ideal version of your logo may not work across all platforms.  We’re recommending complete visual branding strategies  to be used in various shaped areas- small, large, horizontal and square, as well as patterns and textures.  This complete branding strategy keeps things fun and fresh for social engagement, while maintaining that important cohesiveness throughout your designs.

Visual Branding for The Social Boutique

So before you set out on your branding/logo design process- go through this checklist:

  • who is my target audience and what is capturing their attention?
  • what is the overall First impression I’m trying to create
  • where do I intend to use it

Happy Branding!